La Concha Mountain it’s like the symbol of Marbella. - PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT & CONSTRUCTION VILLAS CASA SOÑADA
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La Concha Mountain it’s like the symbol of Marbella.

La Concha Mountain it’s like the symbol of Marbella.


La Concha is the famous Spanish mountain with its scenic and panoramic landscape, located near the center of Marbella town. The huge mountain range is clearly visible from many points of Marbella and more.

From the heights of the mountains you can observe the life of the Costa del Sol (Sunny coast) in good weather, you can see Africa and the coast of Morocco. The ascent to La Concha peak is a hiking route running along mountain paths, ridges and rocky slopes.

The natural idyll in all its pristine beauty, the breath-taking views and scenic landscape of the mountains will delight every brave who rose on it.

Throughout the tour, you can appreciate the variety of extensive forests of chestnuts, cherries, fir trees, olive trees and various pines. The animal world is extremely diverse, you can encounter mountain goats, wild rabbits, wild boars and foxes, as well as spotted partridges, griffins, eagles and other predators.

Regarding the weather, the route should be avoided in the hot months or try to do it in the early morning hours. The best time to go is mid-October in the morning. In the case of clouds, you must be very careful, as in some places you can easily get lost if there is no visibility.

The journey time depends on the physical form of each person and the breaks that he takes, time runs from 2 hours to 4 hours in one direction.

It is important to take at least 2 liters of water and food with you, because there is no drinking water along the route. Clothes and shoes should be comfortable and fit for long walking, it is advisable to take a rucksack.



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